#3 Goodbye London: The Scottish connection and My Healthy Apple Crumble

Not many people know this but i am half Scottish (the other half i will tell you in another blog- i promise).

So scottish from my mothers side and going to Scotland really reminds me of my Mum and Nan. My nan who we called Softy, was such a Scottish lady, with a proper Scottish accent and cooked a lot of Scottish food and she also made an amazing Chicken Curry which was the only curry she really made.

I do feel it’s a bit mystical ending in Scotland just before leaving the UK to India but our friends Ori and Alejandro who recently moved to Edinburgh from Berlin, suggested we store our belongings, which wasn’t much but still enough to fill their whole loft, It’s amazing how much stuff you accumulate? they also bought our car so we drove it up from London, 9.5 long hours with the kids, a van and everything we still own. That all went well and we had a great time in Edinburgh, actually in the outskirts called Kirknewton, lovely little place. i found it quite hard saying goodbye to my volvo car, it’s been a loyal friend for 3 years now, but i said goodbye to lots of friends in the last few weeks.

We explored the countryside, the seaside at Portobello beach, planted, painted a fence, cooked loads and ate loads and now we are back on the train to London, we have 2 days left and then it’s off to India, the excitement is at high speed.

I thought a lot about my Nan and her cooking when i was a child, she was a good cook, never followed recipes and made it all up from her head and the recipes she learnt at home, lots of different influences.

One of her best desserts was always her Apple crumble, it’s an all time classic so in honour of my Nan, an end of an era and the Scottish connection i give you my own version which is a bit healthier and is packed with goodness, i am sure my nan is proud!

It still reminds my of the tastes as a child and the one i made in the picture uses fresh apples from my friend Clare’s tree, August is the time to get them.

i also love making the crumble with the kids, it’s an easy dish, they can help chop, cut and mix.

Nina and me peeling apples in our London garden

what you will need

  • 6-8 x Granny smith apples, depending on size, peeled and cut in to squares
  • 3 Tbs of date Honey
  • 1 x tsp Cinnamon
  • 140 x Grams Spelt flour
  • 140 x Grams almond pulp, i use the left over from our almond milk but you could use ground almonds as well
  • 100 x Grams of oats, i use a gluten free version
  • 125 Grams unsalted butter, melted or if you are vegan, substitute for 100 grams of coconut oil

Let’s get started

  • Pre heat the oven to 180º
  • Grease a baking dish, i use my old enamels dish
  • Place the pealed cut apples in the dish, add the date honey, cinnamon and mix well.
  • In a separate bowl mix the flour, oats, almonds and oil using your fingers until the become crumbly
  • Place the crumble on top of the apples and bake for about 45 minuets, the crumble should be crunchy, the apples should be soft and the house should smell great!

For me this is a guilt free desert.


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