#4 First week in Goa, Lovely Madhuri and Tamaraindi Fish Curry

wow what a week.

Today is a week since we got to Goa, and it’s been an interesting week.

We have a lovely house, Elay started school, i have been to the market a hundred times, have bought so many vegetables, road a scooter, went to the beach had loads of power cuts, discovered that red onions and lime are a given in India and met Madhuri.

Things always happen for a reason, i really believe that.

Last year when we were visiting Goa we met Tamar and Yaron, we liked them and we kept in touch, they had just come for the season so when we decided to come any insights from them were blessed and useful.

Yaron found us this great house that belongs to an Indian Family and Madhuri, the family daughter feels like a gift to us, especially to me.

Madhuri is beautiful, inside and out and she is an amazing cook, its only been a week but i have learned so much from her about Indian cooking and culture, she also loves the kids and they love her back, Elay and Nina have been playing with her and learning badminton, making flowers, Madhuri made Nina a dress and some trousers and i feel blessed to have met her and as said, things in life happen for a reason.

Madhuri, Nina and the new dress

Today is Saturday and we met up with our friends, Tamar asked me to make my Fish Curry which i made lots of times in London but making in in Goa felt special, Yaron got some King fish from the market, i got some vegetables and my spices and we met up to cook, Monsoon rain has been coming down since lunch time so nothing better to do really.

Tamaraindi Fish Curry

what you will need

  • 1Kg of white fish filleted : i used King Fish but you can use Cod, Haddock, Salmon or a combination, you can also add some cut squid or raw prawns
  • 2 x Red onions
  • 5cm fresh ginger root, peeled
  • 6 x garlic cloves
  • 2 x Tbsp olive oil
  • Spices: 3 bay leaves or 10 fresh curry leaves, 1 x tbsp cumin, 1 x tbsp ground coriander, 1 x tbsp Turmeric, 1 x tbsp Garam Masala, 3x cardamon pods, 1 x tbsp salt
  • 5 x grated tomatoes, i prefer plum tomatoes
  • 1 x tin of coconut milk
  • 1/2 Glass of water
  • 1 x Tbsp salt
  • Lime juice from 2 x limes
  • Chopped coriander and 2 x chopped green chillies  – for serving, i do this so that kids can eat the curry and it’s not spicy and the grown ups can add their own if they wish.

Let’s get started

  • Use a Blender to make a paste from red onions, ginger and garlic
  • Heat up a large heavy pot with oil and add the paste, cook while stirring constantly for 7-10 minuets
  • Add bay leaves or curry leaves and cardamon pods, stir for 2 minutes, let the tastes combine together
  • Add rest of the spices and mix well allowing the spices to mix with the paste
  • Add grated tomatoes and coconut milk and bring to the boil while stirring, add salt
  • Once boiled, lower the heat and add the fish, if you are adding prawns or squid add towards the end as they cook very quickly.
  • Cook on a low heat for 15-20 minuets.
  • Add lime juice and cook for an extra 5 minuets
  • Serve with chopped coriander and chopped green chilli on top, basmati rice and fresh chapatti


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