#2 Elay’s Favorite Breakfast aka Mummy’s Amazing Pancakes

If you ask Elay what he thinks about India he will say he is excited but also sad to say goodbye to his school and friends, this is a natural, leaving and goodbyes are never easy, not even for me, but Elay knows and so do i that so many new adventures are awaiting and we are all looking forward to them as a family.

Lots of change in our house at the moment, Elay was camping in the lounge for a few days and his bedroom minus his bed has been storage to all our packing going into storage, i think secretly he loved the camping and felt like a big boy, but trying to keep things normal as possible and make sure he feels happy i make him his favourite breakfast, or in Elay’s words:

Mummy’s amazing pancakes!

I can’t express my joy that he actually loves my pancakes so much because they are full of goodness! packed with goodness.

What you will need

  • 2 x Ripe bananas, mashed
  • 1 x Cup of almond milk
  • 1/2 x Cup olive oil
  • 1 x Cup Spelt flour
  • 2 x Eggs or for the Vegan version drop the eggs, the bananas will be enough.
  • 1 x Cup of almond pulp if you make your own milk or ground almonds if you don’t
  • 1 x Tsp of vanilla extract
  • Coconut oil for frying the pancakes
  • Date Honey/pure Peanut butter for serving, optional: strawberries, blueberries, Goji Berries or sliced apple on the side

Let’s get started

Mash the bananas to a pure and slowly add the ingredients as they appear in the recipe, when all mixed well heat a pan and add a bit of coconut oil.

poor in the mixture to create different shapes, round pancakes – small or big, when you see bubbles appearing, that’s the time to flip over.

serve with toppings and fruit.

Enjoy and good morning!

2 thoughts on “#2 Elay’s Favorite Breakfast aka Mummy’s Amazing Pancakes

  1. היי
    הפנקייקים נוסו, הגרסה הטבעונית, אך לא נחלו הצלחה :/
    יתכן שזה בגלל שלא שמתי אבקת שקדים, טחנתי בעצמי וזה יצא קצת לח.
    לטעמי, הם נהדרים. הילדים, לא אהבו. נותנת עוד צ׳אנס! לא מוותרת!!! 👍🏼
    תודה רבה על המתכון!!! 🙏

  2. Hi There. sorry for the English, no Hebrew on my computer. you can add some more spelt flour if the mixture is too runny or even some oats, i have been doing this in India as Spelt flour isn’t an option here. glad you tried them. try again! the kids have aquired taste 🙂 thanks Tamara

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