So Why Read My Blog?

Hi There.
My name is Tamara, i am a designer but also obsessed with food.
I LOVE to cook and love to eat.
I play with food just as i do with colour and the best thing is mixing and creating new palettes
that lead to new exciting adventures.
Talking of adventures, i am also a mum to Elay and Nina and married to Ishay, we are living in
London but now in Goa, India and will be here for a while.
I am a family traveler, food explorer and design seeker.
The blog is my life recipes, inspiration, learnings and thoughts.
Follow my trail, it will be fun.

I update my Instagram and FB page daily with thoughts, travel and food, my blog is where i publish my recipes so be sure to follow me.

If you would like to chat, feedback or have any questions feel free to contact me.