#15 A Happy New Year And Amazing Chocolate, Cinnamon Rolls

Happy New Year! yes, i know it’s almost mid January now but I can’t actually believe it’s 2018. 2017 has gone so fast and so much has happened, we made a decision, we packed, we moved, we left the familiar and embraced the new, we are learning every day, we are following our dreams, we are meeting new people, we are cooking and eating, we are being challenged and we are learning about ourselves, every day, something new.

I am proud of my little family for taking the leap and choosing to leave all the familiar things and the western life behind, our comfort zone, and moving to beautiful South Goa to follow our dreams, maybe it’s my dream but they made it happen for me, together.

Viki was my good friend who passed away from cancer 3 years ago, she was a powerful lady that always stayed positive and always saw the good in people and life. When she visited me a few years back in London we had a conversation about life and stuff and she said that convenience in life is our biggest enemy, it stops us from moving on, being brave and taking risks, and she was so right. I was very sad when she was gone and that sentence stayed in my mind and haunted me every now and then.

I remember celebrating New Years Eve last year in Beautiful Edinburgh and thought that is the best ever, Hogmanay is so beautiful and powerful and you really feel like it’s a New Year. And this year we celebrated here in South Goa, it wasn’t anything major or grand but it was so perfect! i made lovely food for my family, we went to the beach to see a beautiful sunset, we came home, ate dinner, put the kids to sleep, our neighbour Madhuri babysat for us and Ishay and I went to a party, the party itself was nice and fun but at midnight when the whole beach lit up with fireworks, we had the best spot over the ocean and i felt truly blessed to be celebrating in this amazing place: it was HOT just the way i like life, we had a free babysitter, we drove our bike to the party without paying a fortune for taxis and had a lovely time, so i was THANKFUL, even more after having a few rough weeks with my injured leg, 2018 was looking wonderful ahead.

I am really looking forward to new beginnings, making things happen and being here in Goa.

Being so busy in London there were a few dishes and bakes i never had time to make and they re-kindled here as i have more time for ME. growing up in Israel, just before the weekend you would get some lovely pastries for the Saturday morning coffee, it was tradition. lots of people make their own. I used to make them when we lived in Tel Aviv and a couple of months ago Ishay asked me to treat him for  the weekend.

I have made the pastries a few times now and feel like i have perfected the pastry.

There are two kinds i make: Chocolate-Cinnamon pastries and Cinnarolls.

I don’t have a mixer so one aspect is kneading the dough, it’s 10 minuets of kneading and it’s super important to get the dough soft and beautiful, don’t be lazy. I did have Kitchenaid back in London but there is something about kneading by hand that actually feels better for the dough, up to you of course.

Use good quality butter and good cocoa powder, it’s a massive difference.

I use almond milk because we don’t drink milk and i also believe it adds an amazing flavour.

What You Will Need

For The Dough

  • 1/2 kg Flour, it could be 1/2 wholewheat and 1/2 white
  • 14 gr x dried yeast
  • 100 gr x Unsalted butter, melted
  • 150 ml x Almond milk, oats milk (recommended) or regular milk
  • 2 x Eggs
  • 1/2 cup x Caster sugar
  • 1/2 TSP x salt
  • 1 x Beaten egg for brushing
  • 3 x TBSP caster suger melted in a cup of boiling water – to add after baking

For The Fillings

  • Cinnamon: 1/2 x cup caster sugar + 3x TBSP fresh ground Cinnamon + 100gr x unsalted butter
  • Chocolate: 1/2 x cup caster sugar + 4x TBSP good quality Cocoa butter + 2 TBSP CInnamon + 200gr x unsalted butter

Let’s Get Startedsim

  • In a large bowl add the flour and the yeast, mix with your hands, covering the yeast so it won’t touch other ingredients when they are added in
  • Melt the butter and mix with the milk, add both to the flour
  • Add eggs, caster sugar and salt, start kneading slowly

  • If you are using a mixer, let it work on a slow mix for about 5 minutes, if you are kneading by hand put on your favorite music and work, it will take about 10 minutes
  • The dough should be warm, a bit sticky and soft

  • Cover with a bag or towel and let it rise for about 2-3 hours, until doubled in size

  • When the dough has risen, remove gently from the bowl and knead gently just to get the dough going again

  • Divide the dough into 2 large bits, one will make the chocolate and the other the cinnamon rolls
  • Let’s start with the Cinnamon rolls: 
    • Roll out the dough to a large square sheet, about 1.5cm thick
    • Melt the butter and mix in sugar and cinnamon
    • Spread the cinnamon mix across the whole sheet

  • Cut stripes across the sheet, about 3 cm thick

  • Roll each stripe and place on a greaseproof paper
  • Brush some egg on each roll and place in the oven, pre heated 180 degrees, for about 30 minutes or until golden brown

  • Chocolate cakes: 
    • Divide the the dough into 3 equal bits
    • Melt the butter and mix in sugar, cinnamon and cocoa
    • Roll out each bit of the dough to a large square sheet, about 1.5cm thick
    • Spread 1/3 of the cocoa mixture on each bit

  • Roll into a tube, then cut in half across and twist both parts, stick the ends by twisting

  • Brush some egg on each roll and place in the oven, pre heated 180 degrees for about 30 minutes or until golden brown

  • When the cakes are ready, remove from the oven and poor the melted sugar water all over the cake, it will absorb and that is what you need
  • The cakes are great with some hot chai or a great coffee
  • Enjoy!


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