#11 A Goan Birthday Boy and Tamaraindi Goodness Pizza

Elay turned 7 last week, forget about the fact that i can’t believe i have a 7 year old boy, where does time go? so for the first time we celebrated in Goa, India – the best thing was that my November boy could have a party in the heat and not in the cold.

In the past few years i felt that the parties have become a bit of a mammoth, loads of kids, thinking of a theme, buying party bags, thinking of an entertainer, invites, lists.. phew.. and i guess it’s just what was expected because everyone does it and Elay wants it and we as parents say yes.

This year was a different ball game, we are in Goa. It’s hot and sunny! there are no entertainers, no halls to hire and just a lot of creative thinking by Mummy and Daddy – luckily, we can both do exactly that.

So we borrowed a projector from a friend and bought Despicable me #3 on itunes, we found some popcorn that you need to make in a pot like the good old days and i made my homemade pizza that Elay loves and is full of goodness and vegetables, made in our state of the art TOASTER OVEN, we invited 13 friends and they had a blast!

You know what? i felt like back in time, like the birthday parties that my mum used to through for me when i was a kid with what we had available, and i don’t think for a minute that Elay felt deprived, he even said that this is his best birthday so far and and told his friends proudly that the pizza was homemade by his mum.

So here you go.. my Homemade Goodness Pizza

**The recipe is for 5-6 medium size pizzas. you can freeze them or eat the next day, if you want less just half the quantity.

What you will need

Goodness Pizza Dough

  • 750 x Grams of whole wheat flour
  • 250 x Grams regular flour
  • 21 x Grams of dried yeast
  • 1 x TBSP salt
  • 1x Tsp sugar
  • 1 x Cup of olive oil (250ml)
  • 2.5 x Cups of almond milk (625ml)

Goodness Pizza Sauce

  • 6 x Tomatoes
  • 2 x Carrots
  • 6-8 x Garlic cloves
  • 1/4 x Bunch of fresh basil
  • 1 x TBSP of tomato pure
  • 2 x TBSP olive oil
  • 1 x Tsp dried oragano
  • 1 x Tsp salt
  • 1 TBSP of Jaggery or date honey

Let’s get started

The Dough:

Either kneading by hand or using a mixer it’s the same way:

  • Place the flower in a bowl
  • Make a hole, sdd sugar, cover with the flour
  • Add salt, cover with flour
  • Add the yeast, cover with flour
  • add the olive oil and half the milk
  • Start to knead, adding the rest of the milk gradually
  • The dough takes about 5-8 minutes in a mixer and a about 10 minutes by hand
  • You should have a smooth soft dough
  • Place the dough in a bowl, sprinkle some flour, cover and leave to rise for about 2-3 hours, it should double in size

The Sauce: i would suggest preparing a couple of hours in advance and leave to stand and cool down, tastes are better!

  • Place tomatoes, carrots, garlic cloves and fresh basilin a blender and blend to a smooth texture
  • Place the blended veggies in a sauce pan, add pure, salt, oregano, olive oil, jaggery or date honey
  • Bring to the boil and cook while mixing for about 10 minuets
  • Leave to cool


  • When the dough has doubled in size, remove from the bowl and divide into 5-6 equal portions
  • Roll each portion into a flat dough, place on greaseproof baking paper

  • Add Sauce, cover with Mozzarella cheese and add any toppings you like: we add Olives, mushrooms, sweet corn, peppers, courgettes etc.

  • If you are Vegan – use a vegan cheese substitute or just add toppings, with no cheese and the pizza is still amazing!
  • Bake for about 30 minutes in a pre heated oven 180º, the pizza should be nice and crunchy